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Phone Repair Johnstone

Phone Repair Johnstone

Phone Repair Johnstone | Your Trusted Mobile Repair Shop in Johnstone

Phone Repair Johnstone is a premier mobile phone repair shop located at 64C High Street, Johnstone, PA5 8SG, United Kingdom. With over a decade of experience, the shop has earned a stellar reputation for providing high-quality repair services. This man-owned business prides itself on excellent customer service, expert technical skills, and affordable prices, making it the go-to place for all your phone repair needs in Johnstone and the surrounding areas.

Services Offered

They offers a wide range of repair services for various mobile phone brands, including iPhones, Samsung, Huawei, and more. Their skilled technicians are equipped to handle:

Battery Replacement

Efficient and quick battery replacements to ensure your phone stays powered throughout the day.

Camera Repair

Expert repairs for front and rear cameras, addressing issues like blurry images, non-functioning cameras, and more.

Case Repair

Repairs for damaged phone cases, ensuring your device looks as good as new.

Charge Port Repair

Solutions for phones that are not charging properly or have damaged charging ports.

Microphone/Speaker Repair

Fixes for audio issues, ensuring clear sound for calls and media.

Power Button Repair

Repairs for unresponsive or malfunctioning power buttons.

Screen Repair/Replacement

Fast and reliable screen repairs or replacements for cracked, shattered, or unresponsive screens.

Tablet Repair

Comprehensive repair services for various tablet brands and models.

Water Damage Repair

Effective solutions for phones that have been exposed to water, aiming to restore functionality.

    Why Choose Phone Repair Johnstone?

    Experienced Technicians

    The shop employs highly skilled and experienced technicians who are adept at diagnosing and fixing a wide range of mobile phone issues. Their expertise ensures that each repair is performed to the highest standards.

    Customer Satisfaction

    They has a perfect 5.0-star rating on Google, based on 20 reviews. Customers consistently praise the shop for its great service, fantastic prices, and quick turnaround times. One customer review highlights the shop as the “best place for tech repair in town,” while another appreciates the “cheapest price and phone repaired in an hour.”

    Affordable Pricing

    The shop is known for its competitive pricing. Customers have noted the affordability of services without compromising on quality, making Phone Repair Johnstone a cost-effective solution for mobile repairs.


    The shop is wheelchair accessible, ensuring that all customers can easily access their services.

    Location and Contact Information

    Address: 64C High Street, Johnstone, PA5 8SG, United Kingdom
    Phone Number: +44 1505 227250
    Website: Phone Repair Johnstone

    Customer Testimonials

    The reviews speak volumes about the quality of service provided by them. Here are a few highlights from satisfied customers:

    • “Great Service, Best place for tech repair in town.”
    • “Great wee shop, service fantastic, great prices will be back.”
    • “Cheapest price and phone repaired in an hour!”

    These testimonials underscore the shop’s commitment to excellent customer service and high-quality repairs.

    Business Philosophy

    They believes in providing not just a service but a solution to their customers’ tech problems. Their approach is centered around customer satisfaction, ensuring that every device is handled with the utmost care and precision. They understand the importance of mobile phones in daily life and strive to minimize downtime by offering quick and efficient repair services.

    Community Engagement

    Being a local business, Phone Repair Johnstone is deeply rooted in the Johnstone community. They serve not only Johnstone but also nearby areas like Linwood, making their services accessible to a broader audience. Their community-oriented approach helps build lasting relationships with customers, fostering trust and reliability.

    Innovation and Up-to-Date Services

    In an ever-evolving tech landscape, Phone Repair Johnstone stays ahead by continually updating their knowledge and techniques. They invest in the latest tools and training to ensure they can handle the newest phone models and the latest technological advancements. This commitment to innovation ensures that customers receive the best possible service for their modern devices.

    Commitment to Quality

    Every repair carried out at Phone Repair Johnstone is backed by a quality guarantee. They use high-quality parts to ensure longevity and optimal performance of the repaired devices. This commitment to quality is a cornerstone of their business philosophy, ensuring that customers can rely on their repaired devices for the long term.

    Affortable Shop

    Phone Repair Johnstone stands out as a trusted, reliable, and affordable mobile phone repair shop in Johnstone. With a team of experienced technicians, a wide range of repair services, and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, it’s no wonder they have earned such high praise from the local community. Whether you need a quick screen replacement, a thorough water damage repair, or any other mobile phone service, Phone Repair Johnstone is your go-to destination.

    For more information or to book a repair, visit their website or call them at +44 1505 227250. Experience the best in phone repair services with Phone Repair Johnstone, where quality meets affordability.

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